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Open Mic Thursdays

Open Mic Thursdays is a venue that provides a space for multiple forms of artistic expression. We welcome poets, singers and various practioners of performance art.  We are a platform that celebrates storytelling of all genres and skill levels.  




When does the open mic happen?

1st and 3rd Thursday’s


How do I sign up?

Line up outside the venue. The doors will open at 8. Once doors are open,  sign your name on the list when you walk in. 


Will I get to perform?

1st 5 to sign up will automatically have the opportunity to perform, 3 slots will be reserved for San Diego Slam Alumni and we will do a lottery for the remaining slots. 


How much time do I have on the mic?

You have 4 minutes or 1 poem/song.


Can I say whatever I want?

We support free speech, but we also ask that you respect the space.


Can I perform someone else’s poem or song?

Yes, we just ask that you give the original author credit. 

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