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Gladiator Slam is a head to head poetry competition series. 




Qualifiers (April 13th/ May 11th) 


8 poets will compete head to head in a 3 round slam. All competitors will be placed in a bracket, each poet performs a 3 minute poem. After both poets perform, the crowd will applaud for who they believe deserves to move on to the next round. 


There will be 2 qualifiers. The winner of each qualifier will receive $100 and the top 4 from each qualifier will advance to the finals.


Finals (June 8th) 


The 8 qualified poets will compete head to head again and the winner will receive $500 


Sign up? 

Sign ups will open at 7 pm on March 22nd. We have 16 slots total. After all the slots are filled, we will randomize the participants and let them know which day they will be competing.


Participants will have to put down a $20 deposit to secure their slot, but it will be refunded when they show up for their bout. 

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